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370 million voxels :)

リコー、現実空間に全方位映像を投影する装置 デジタルサイネージ用途で開発 2022年度中の実用化目指す

Ricoh Co., Ltd. announced on March 8 that it will develop a projection device that can project omnidirectional images in real space and start market exploration under the "WARPE" brand. First of all, it is seeking business partners for digital signage applications and is aiming for practical use by the end of 2022.

Light is projected from directly below the device to the top, and the image is displayed in three dimensions with the afterimage of the light that hits the special rotating screen developed by the company. The feature is that you can see 3D images from all directions with the naked eye without wearing special glasses or a special headset like before.

At the current development stage, it is said that it has realized a color moving image display of stereoscopic images at the size of a human head (diameter 200 mm, height 250 mm). The amount of information to be projected is about 370 million voxels (the number of pixels that make up a 3D image), while full high-definition 2D images have about 2.07 million pixels.

According to the company, the rapid evolution of e-commerce due to the corona virus has made it an issue to create new value to improve the ability to attract customers in real places such as retail stores and exhibitions. It is said that it will contribute to the evolution of "a place to provide experiences" as well as exhibition and sales of. In the future, it is expected to be used for simulation of three-dimensional structures and virtual assistants for home use.