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It's the light - evening, I think...or early morning - and that gloriously clear water.

Over in the thread which retow started about "Reactions to Photographs" many responses have brought up the fact that pictures speak to us all individually and often tap into our private memories. For me this image of yours brings back a very happy childhood full of summers spent swimming in and poking around in the saltwater... I think I may have been an otter in a former life. So, Sue, your picture brings a lot with it to my eyes. Many thanks - and I urge folks to click on it to see it in its larger size.


Newcastle, Australia
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See... I'm using the thanks button because I appreciate all your comments :)

I thought that the top of the shot was a bit blown out, but it was unavoidable at the time, with the sun being where it was, and me being where I was (which wasnt actually *on* the rocks, but on a walkway beside the pool which they border). I could not get a better angle, but at the same time, the light was only going to get brighter and blow the highlights more, as the sun rose further into the sky.

I'm going to do a repeat with the K-5, my 15mm lens and a graduated ND filter when I acquire one. I think that will get the light issues sorted :)

In the meantime I "operated" on the shot with CEP3 in an effort to try to improve the lighting issues. Also played with the colour somewhat...


Rock pool edited by kyte50, on Flickr

Sadly, the highlights are beyond redemption.

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