Fuji Showcase Rokinon 12mm f2


Haven't seen many sample shots of this lens on the net so thought I would share some from a recent trip to Bali. I'll hopefully be able to put up some more shots from Japan later as well.



I like how wide it is..like my zuiko 9-18mm for my micro four thirds setup. The 'curvature of the earth' distortion is a mixture of the perspective and the hilly rice paddies. Not that heavy distortion. :)

An architectural example..lines seem fairly straight I think.

And here is an example of worst case conditions of flare aimed at just the right angle :) By far the worse case of it in several hundreds of images:

I really like this lens..compliments my 35mm 1.4 quite well and the price is right.


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Not sure what you mean actually. Do you have any examples and I'll have a look.

I briefly had a variable ND filter on the 18-55 which I think I'm confusing for the CP, and I remember it would darken certain parts of the sky more than others. Maybe that's an ND thing, and not a circ polarizer thing. The result was these darker blue swaths of sky.

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