Sony Rokinon 135 1.8

After testing last week I decided 135 would be a better choice than 85. I'll still use the 85, but the Samyang 24 and 135 will take care of the majority of the shots when it gets dark.

Still the same planned limited use, and still not a prime shooter unless necessary, and still love a good bargain. The Rokinon keeps pace with the Sony and Sigma. B&H has it on sale for $800. No brainer.

Yet another Samyang/Rokinon (this make 5) and yet another good experience. Are their days of wonky QC over?

Testing in the back yard yesterday. All at 1.8, just because.

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How are you finding the AF-C and Eye Tracking for both the kids and your dog? I am very curious and tempted by the lens(I saw it at 600 £ for used price recently). How well does it compare to your 85mm in terms of accuracy and speed (I'm not bothered by IQ, I am sure it's amazing like most lenses these days).
Well, my 85 is a Minolta Maxxum A-Mount, and it's fairly amazing, but not really a good comparison.

I haven't mounted the lens since that initial try out. I had planned to use it at the track last weekend. Unfortunately, racing was tragically cut short.

From what I can tell it focusses pretty quick just moving back and forth between objects. I am hoping to get out to the track on some evening and try it out more.
Very happy with the decision to buy this lens. At this point I don't even think it needs a price or Sony comparison qualifier, it's a darn nice lens, period.

This 12800 ISO stuff still blows my mind. I think it'd give one of my old photography instructors apoplexy.
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DSC05141 by Shotglass Photo, on Flickr

Camera seems to have a sweet spot around ISO 8000.
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