Film Rolleicord III back in action

William Lewis

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Hayward WI
William Lewis
So, I am in the drawn-out process of moving back to Eau Claire for a new job at a different hotel.

I just discovered there is still a real photo lab in Eau Claire that develops film in house! I’d stopped doing any film because mail order labs are prohibitively expensive. While not as cheap as the olden days, this is reasonable. Digital beats 35mm really but sweet old medium format is still a different story.

Dunk & standard scan:
$8.99 - roll of C41 color - 35/120/APS
$11.99 - roll of B&W - 35/120/APS
No inhouse E-6 - 35/120 (mail-out 2-4 weeks) but same price as B&W, so not bad at all.
Hi-Rez scan $5 more. Their low rez is 6 mp, high rez is 30 mp via a Noritsu HS-1800 scanner.

I’ve dug out my Rolleicord III w/ Xenar 75/3.5 & the remains of my 120 film (11 rolls of B&W, 1 color, 1 slide) & I’ll see how good they are. Online reviews are very good though.


Stock photo. Mine’s in good shape but not that good ;) and I have an original Rollei leather carrying case for it.

The real danger is if they're as good as the reviews imply, I'll probably want to buy a Mamiya 645 setup or a Fujifilm GA645Zi :drinks:

Or that Canon P that keeps tempting me despite what I said above ... 🤣
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I had that exact camera - for years, in fact, but ended up selling it without ever shooting with it. I guess that's sad, however I knew I wasn't going to have much time to learn a new format and process for quite some time, and that even when I had in the past I had never gotten around to it. So it was time to let go. It looks like you're going to get along with yours just fine!