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Mines got a Zeiss Planar 75mm f3.5 & Selenium Meter (slightly dodgy) - unsure on the proper designation for the model. Film is Agfa Astia 200.


I love that shot, and it's so sharp it looks great enlarged. But is there a chance you scanned it backwards? :)

Holy Sh1T!! I didn't rotate it! lol!!! nice find.. i have had a ton of people look at it and no one has said anything about it being backwards... lol

Update - Fixed! :D

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I've always liked Portra for its subtle colors over some of the punchier, more saturated color films. But then, I like color shot on good, single coated glass too. I had some Hasselblad lenses from the early fifties years ago, Zeiss glass with no mechanical coupling between the lens and camera. The rendering was gorgeous. That lens with VPS, the precusor to Portra, was color perfection to my tastes.

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