Micro 4/3 "Romantic" moon attempt

Jock Elliott

Hall of Famer
Troy, NY
Periodically, I have this conversation with the Better Half.

BH: There's a beautiful moon out tonight, could you get a picture of it?

Me: I'll try.

Ten minutes later, superzoom in hand:

Me: What do you think?

BH: It looks like something NASA would take. I want a romantic moon.

Below, some double exposure attempts with the OMD EM5 II. (The moon was in a different part of the sky)

Original #1:

moon double 001.JPG

After fiddling:

moon double 001 copy_DxO copy.jpg

Attempt #2:
moon double 002.JPG

After fiddling:

moon double 002_DxO.jpg

Cheers, Jock

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