Rubbings at the Viet Nam War Memorial Wall


Alexandria, VA
I had the pleasure of meeting up with Streetshooter over the Memorial Day weekend. We made a stop along the way to the Viet Nam War Memorial Wall. Don wanted to get a couple rubbings from the inscriptions of some departed friends whose names are among the 58,272 killed or missing in action that are permanently etched into the black marble walls. The unpaid volunteers that help your find the names and make the rubbings are incredibly helpful and courteous. As expected, because it was Memorial Day weekend, the memorial was quite busy and the volume of notes, gifts, and other remembrances left at the base of the wall was tremendous. The design and construction the Memorial Wall was controversial at its inception. However, once the design was realized, the overwhelming majority of the design's critics came to appreciate the simple beauty and emotional power of the wall.

All images @ Canon T3i (PP with Aperture 3 & Nik's SEP2)