Pentax Rumor: Not one, but TWO Pentax mirrorless systems?


Hi everyone,

Hope I'm not repeating old news:

Apparently Pentax is working on 2 mirrorless systems:

1st one will be the NC-1 camera with a small sensor 1/2.33" sensor, a bit retro in style being modeled on the Pentax 110 camera, with interchangeable lenses.

2nd will be an APS-C size sensor based mirrorless sytem, which apparently will be compatible with current pentax K mount lenses.

The original source is here: Mirrorless Rumors | Blog | HOT: First pictures of the Pentax NC mirrorless system!

What does everyone think?

Personally I dont see the attraction of the small sensor camera system, as there are very good small sensor compacts like the ex1, lx5 and s95 available at good competitive price points. Pentax would need some seriously good lenses and IQ or a competitive price to make this work.

The APS-C system would work, especially with FULL K mount lens support. Pentax's current lenses are very high quality and quite small in comparison to other brands. I think having all of the K mount lenses available to the mirrorless sytem would give it a massive boost as Pentax are already 'late to the party' and systems such as m4/3rds have a lot of lenses out at the moment.


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I don't see the point of the smaller system, either.
It might also work from a marketing perspective if they went with the NEX E lens format and made some good lenses for that size. I know I would welcome that! Dunno if there's any chance but I can hope.


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Supposedly Nikon's mirrorless will have a small sensor, too, at least smaller than m4/3. That wouldn't make sense to me, either.
The more the manufacturers get together on mirrorless sensor size and lens mounts, the better off the consumer will be. Somehow I don't think our interests are their highest priority, though...


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I'd be very very tempted by the 2nd proposition. I have a few DA Ltds lying around that would love it!!!

I've cycled through Nikon, Sigma and Olympus lenses and the Pentax stuff has been the best so far. Excellent build quality, very compact with top shelf image quality. For those who have not heard of the FA31/1.8. Check out is often compared to Zeiss and Leica glass.

So a vote from me for the APS-C option....and delivery by this Christmas would be most welcome :smile: