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If Olympus can combine the XZ lens and design with a larger sensor (1" Sony or Canon GX1 size or m4/3s) it will have a serious camera. Basically an X100 mated with an X10. Trade off a little sensor size for 4X zoom range and fast lens. I'd buy that camera for E-M5 MSRP without hesitation.

If the XZ-10 is just an upgrade to the 2 with same small sensor then I am not interested.

Wow, my expectations were so far out of whack with what the XZ-10 is it's not even funny. While I suppose I understand the motivation behind this camera, I was really hoping that Olympus would take a serious shot at the RX100. Looks like the only company that may take that shot is Sony themselves. I'd love to see what they can stuff in to the body of the HX20V for example.

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you should be able to figure it out...
Oops. So much for ramping up to meet the challenge presented by the RX100. The XZ-2's cheaper little brother... Be interesting to see whether anyone who wants the kinds on control available with an "enthusiast" compact will be ok with a 1/2.3" sensor. I guess sensor tech is improving enough to make those sensors a bit more viable than they've been, but that's the same sized sensor available in every little cheap P&S on the market. And probably in smart phones as well??


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I was hoping for at the very least a 2/3" sensor, like the Fuji X10/20. Olympus may know more about viable market niches than I do, but I'm decidedly not in the niche market for this camera. I'll keep my eye on Fuji's X20 and enjoy the X10 meantime.


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Armando, it's obvious how little is the world in which I live in (and in which none of those three things are appealing):)
Others will of course feel differently, thanks for pointing it out!

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