Leica Russian 35mm M-Mount Summicron Clone - Anyone ever seen one?

M. Valdemar

New York City
This past summer, I hid my Leica M9 with the Lomography Jupiter J-3+ attached in my apartment before I left on a trip to Japan. I didn't want anyone to take it if they entered my apartment when I was gone.

It turns out I hid it too well. I could not find it when I got back and then I started to believe I had somehow lost it outside. I was too upset about losing it to read anything online about Leicas.

Anyway, I found it last week, and my interest in Leicas has been restored. I thought I was senile. It was hiding in plain sight. Or else it slipped in and out of a quantum dimension. So here I am back on this forum.

Here's something else I can't find. More than three decades ago I picked up a Russian-made 35mm Summicron copy at a NYC Camera Fair. It is almost impossible to find, and scarce information online, if any.

Now that I cannot find it at all, it must be even more scarce.

Here's some photos I found of one. Has anyone ever seen or tried one?

Russian Summicron.jpeg
Russian Summicron1.jpeg
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