Sony Rx 100 m3 upgrade?

Mark Wainland

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I have a m3 and a a6300 use both mainly for stills
How much better is the m4 or 5 rx100
On stills or is it mainly video upgrades

M5 is still $1000 and not sure it's worth it


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Welcome to SC! I had ver I, III and now am using ver 4. III and 4 were used from Keh with their 10% sale. The low light af speed might be better on IV though I have not tested lat the same time. There were months between them. Ver V has a pdf af but I have not tried. I saw sales in the amazon for high 800's when they had one day sale. The most useful upgrade is the min shutter for me. IQ might be similar. Three layers is supposedly some of the panning e-shutter jello issues on v but I have not seen that issue on the other versions for still.

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