Sony RX1 EVF (or OVF too) Mod to reduce risk of detachment


May 16, 2013
The Hexagonal.
Hi everyone,

dtchan dropped his newly acquired OVF. I believe many here have expressed concerns about the rather loose fit of the accessories on the hotshoe on the RX1 so the rubber band technique was deviced.

I decided to see whether I could somehow tape or temporarily 'fusion' the EVF to the body (I use it all the time so I don't mind keeping in there) and while doing this I realised that there is a small -on the sides- gap between the EVF (maybe the OVF too) and the actual hotshoe.

I thought that maybe closing this gap, thus tightening the contact, could help. It does.

Here are photos of what I did. I am using black masking tape (easy removal if you want and no residue).

Take small lines of the masking tape, about the thickness of the hotshoe part as seen in the photos, and stick around 2 or 3 layers of them. This will increase the thickness of the hotshoe.

If you try to attach your EVF/OVF now, you will feel there is more drag. You still feel the click.
The drag should be smooth.

Also, you are essentially 'lifting' the EVF/OVF from the otherwise default position. This lift is very subtle and it does not affect the contacts if you are using the EVF. The EVF works perfectly.

Finally, once you manage to do this, you should also add one layer of tape to the back of the EVF bottom shoe (see photo) because this will make the very last journey made by the EVF a bit tighter. This is, essentially, the better lock. Important!! follow the line I have with my tape. There are two little 'feet' that are the ones that give you the click lock (see them next to the tape) and you should not cover these. Otherwise their spring mechanism may be permanently hampered. So, just run the tape on the back edge. It does make a difference.

Now, the EVF should take some considerable but not abusive force to lock in or take out. It stays put very well and it works a treat.

It is a very benign mod, with no long term effect, improving the fit and feel of attaching anything to the hotshoe.

Let me know how you guys like this.


Ray Sachs

Sep 21, 2010
Not too far from Philly
you should be able to figure it out...
Nice mod. A somewhat easier and less involved process that works in basically the same way is shown here:

Illustrated, with pics: Sony Cyber-shot Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review

It uses a single small rubber band in the same track area of the EVF/hotshoe to create friction. It's in there pretty well when used - takes some real effort to dislodge, and is about a two-minute process to UN-install and re-install as the spirit moves you. You don't see the rubber band - it's hidden away in there creating friction - not holding it on like a strap. But if you know you want a more permanent solution, this one looks like its worth the effort.



May 16, 2013
The Hexagonal.
Hi Ray,

Thanks for that. Wow, a 10th of the effort and same gratifying experience. That one is real genius. Well, I'm going to try that one as well and see how it works! Thanks for the tip!

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