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Classic Remis Düsseldorf
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Classic Remis Düsseldorf
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I love this image, alphastar. Not certain exactly why, but of all the new photographs you recently posted, this one affects me the most. And btw I also really like the black & white (monochrome) one of the BMW motorcycle....but this photo has a certain je ne sais quoi. It may have something to do with either the exposure or the processing - it's contrasty, the shadows inside the car are rich, saturated and oh-so-dark, almost on the verge of being underexposed but somehow quite 'right' for this image - and they (the darker tones) contrast beautifully (for me, at least) with the lighter, semi-overexposed daylight background.

All of which really are a lot of words, my attempt to say some of the reasons why I like this photograph so much. There may be others as well - but damn, it's a great image. And, yes the camera & lens have something to do with it to - but I give credit to the eye and vision of the photographer ;)


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Hello Miguel,
since I'm just in the early stages of photography and full-format,
I am so happy that you like the picture so much.
This photo is as you can imagine not ooc but edited with C1.

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