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May 11, 2011
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Bruce J. Pritchard
I had one of the original Fotodiox metal, bayonet mount rectangular hoods on my first RX1 and regret selling it as all they offer now is a vented version. I found a different one available on Amazon made by UN for about $64.00 and it ain't cheap but closest
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to what i've been looking for. It has a 49mm screw ring and the hood is polycarbonate and has two set screws either side to level the hood. Here's the link if anyone might be interested (make sure you click Amin's Amazon link, top right of this page if you decide to buy) : UN hood square hood 49MM UNX-8118 (Japan Import) : Camera & Photo
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Ray Sachs

Sep 21, 2010
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you should be able to figure it out...
I have one of the cheap knock-offs of the round Sony hood, but I was reading about people who were using a 49-37 step down ring instead of an actual hood. It provides the same angle of shading as the Sony hood, and protects the lens roughly as well - the lens is obviously much closer to the opening, but OTOH the opening is MUCH smaller. So I've been using a step down ring with a little 37mm lensbaby cap and it makes for a really compact camera that's functionally about the same as a larger hood and cap (and I'm less likely to lose the amazing metal cap the camera comes with). This setup easily fits inside of the larger SnapR case, which for me makes a great solution for the times I'm only taking the RX1 (which is pretty much anytime I take the RX1 out). I can get way more spare batteries than I'll need in the little side pockets and the camera is well protected and hidden when I'm not using it. And it slides right out of the case on the incorporated sling strap when I'm shooting.

Here are a couple of shots of the setup - it's not beautiful, but I'm not after the camera itself being beautiful - and it's quite functional... Oh, and the "hood" was $4.50 and the cap about $7-8, so an inexpensive approach also...

sony hood-3
by Ray, on Flickr

sony hood-4
by Ray, on Flickr


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