Sony RX1 - What is the best focus setting?

Ray Sachs

Sep 21, 2010
Not too far from Philly
you should be able to figure it out...
I'm very impressed with the IQ of the RX1. I really would feel guilty if she spent nearly $3000 on a camera for me. I'd feel better if I forked the money myself. Not that it really matters at this point given that we are married.
It's a really nice gesture on her part. If you don't take her up on it but then go spend the same money on yourself, she'd feel bad - if you accept it from her as a gift, think how much more she'll enjoy seeing you enjoy the camera! If you just don't think the two of you should spend the money, that's one thing. But if someone is gonna spend it on camera gear for you, letting her do it is the way to go IMHO!

OK, that's all of the marital advice I'm offering today!



Mar 25, 2013
Mechelen, Belgium
Harry Briels
Just added the price of all the accessories for the RX1. Add an EVF, case, battery charger, a Thumbs Up copy cat, and hood to the RX1, and I'm at $3960 ... gulp.
The lovely wife offered to get me a RX1 ... but I felt guilty and told her "that's okay, don't get it."
Armanius: When I for the first time, just by chance, saw and then handled at my dealer, the RX1 I was amazed to see the almost unbelievable image quality that this very portable, easy to use camera generates.
At that point in time I was already for years a Leica M9 user.
The M9 is also a very special and easy to use camera, portable and of very high quality, but could not produce the image quality of the RX1.
In addition with a Summilux 50mm lens attached its weight exceeds substantially 1.000 grams (RX1 425 grams)
Eventually I sold my Leica and got the RX1!
It is a jewel, absolutely worth the money ($4.200 incl EVF here in Europe!)
Given its small size and pleasant low weight it is most of the time with me.
The RX1 is also very well built
I will never regret this step: what a camera!

Talk to your wife again and think about what a joy it will be for her to have a partner that is so happy with his RX1!

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