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I've owned this camera for about a week now and have been playing with the settings to try and achieve the best video image quality in very low light conditions.
I have come to realise that it mostly boils down to the Creative Style settings, particularly the contrast setting. The Contrast seems to enhance the noise at minus settings. My aim was to get rid of that horrible 'Multi coloured noise' you get at high ISO's, After some testing I have found that the best settings are:

* Movie S mode (You can adjust the shutter and ISO manually)
* F/1.8
* 50p 28m (PS) mode
* 1/25 shutter
* Standard - Creative Style with the Contrast at +3 and Sharpness at +1
* AdobeRGB
* ISO NR off, as well as any other assisting settings that may or may not effect video mode.
* ISO set at 3200

You will still get noise with these settings but it is a lot more pleasing to the eye, more like a grainy image, no horrible multi-coloured blobs of noise. Some may find the shutter speed is a little low for motion? But I think it's worth the sacrifice to get that little extra light into the camera. You probably wouldn't want to use these settings in moderately low light conditions, like indoors at night time, these settings are intended for the extreme. I have also found that if you want a cleaner image but are willing to sacrifice some light - take the ISO down to 1600, Contrast down to +1 and keep Sharpness at +1.



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Thanks... and welcome!

This information is useful as I've only recently started investigating shooting video on the RX100. Still photography is definitely my main interest, but from the little that I've seen, the RX100 video output is pretty good, so I've decided that I really ought to try and get some basic understanding of it all. So... I'll be trying your suggestions, and no doubt making all the usual beginner's mistakes - but, hopefully, learning too.:)

Thanks again...

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