Sony RX100 color tint vignetting - Sony says it's normal


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Sep 28, 2010
Sofia, Bulgaria
I haven't noticed it with mine, but then I haven't been shooting in the kinds of conditions that the shots on the DP thread were taken in.


Oct 27, 2010
Not had any problems with mine that I have noticed. I'll have a close look and post again in this thread if I encounter the same problems


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Aug 15, 2010
I've no complaints on mine here. Seems like the kind of thing you really have to go looking for. As it's a pocket cam, I don't use it for mission-critical stuff, anyway.


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Dec 18, 2012
See this Tim Ashley Photography | Sony RX1: Colour Shift & Calibration, Aperture Series, ETTR & more

The RX1 , M9 (and other cameras) suffer this problem. It's not a fault as such. It's a problem:

The internet is alive with the latest 'new camera fault' threads indicating that the RX1 is fatally prone to cross-frame colour shifts of the red/cyan type, sometimes known as 'Italian Flag'. This shows on things such as clear areas of white sky as a pronounced cyan tinge to one side of the frame and a red tinge the the other side. It is not, in fact, uncommon - especially in cameras where the exit pupil of the lens is close to the sensor (such as the Leica M9) and is caused by the very acute angle of incidence of light rays as they hit the edges of the sensor compared to the 'straight on' angle at which light hits the centre. This causes both luminance vignetting and it's colour cousin, colour shifts or 'colour shading'. It is worse with wide angled lenses.

Manufacturers handle this in two ways: firstly, they design on-sensor micro lenses that behave differently at the edges and corners and secondly, they write firmware that 'knows' what the shift is for a given aperture and applies correction automatically in-camera. This was always a problem with the M9 because that camera passes only rudimentary information from lens to body, so the aperture is in effect closely guesstimated rather than exactly known.


Jan 5, 2013
Maine, USA
The RX-1 has the same problem and it is related to a bad profile. Turn off the shading comp. and manually correct vignetting in post.

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