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Oct 27, 2010
In Oswiecim in December, while waiting for the train back to Krakow, we stood on the bridge crossing the railway tracks. Oswiecim was once known as Auschwitz. The tracks below the bridge, at one time, led the trains right into the heart of Birkenau. That night Oswiecim was almost like a ghost town, only occasionally did we catch a small glimpse of life. When we did, I felt inclined to scarper away. I don't know if it was just because it was cold, dark and foggy. There was a real chill in the air. I just didn't like being there and I was relieved, an hour later, when our train finally arrived. We could leave.

Oswiecim by Briar34, on Flickr
Converted to b&w from raw using silver fx pro2.. When I used to print a lot my favorite paper was Agfa Portia 118 (hope I remember the name correctly).. The fx pro setting I am using is pretty close.. Maybe a bit more tinting though.

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