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Completed RX100 with Franiec grip, extra battery and external charger | Location: USA | Ships: USA

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Milwaukee, WI USA
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Selling</br> RX100 with Franiec grip, extra battery and external charger
</br>Prices</br> $395
</br>Location</br> USA
</br>Ships to</br> USA
</br>Description</br> I've been hanging onto this little pocket rocket to keep those awesome fun filters, but now that I have the RX1 on the way, I think I can let it go. Pocketability isn't a huge deal for me. But this definitely the first pocketable camera that for me was good enough.

Included in the price of $395 you get the camera and everything that came in the box (except for the USB charging cable {which you won't be needing}), an unmounted Richard Franiec grip (I never saw the need) and a Pearstone battery charger and extra battery. There is also an unused Sony brand LCD screen protector. Maybe if I had put it on, I wouldn't have scratched my rear screen against the keys in my pocket. The scratch looks worse when the screen is off. When it is on and I'm actually using it, it doesn't affect my ability to frame a shot. Someone suggested that if I put that screen protector on that I might not even see the scratches anymore. I thought why bother.... you may think differently. Seems the camera used is going for around $450. So with all the extra goodies, i think even with the scratches, it's a wickedly good deal. When I make up my mind to sell something, I like it to be gone. That price also includes Paypal fees and insured shipping to to your Paypal confirmed address. I guarantee it to be working perfectly and my description to be honest and complete. It's a great little camera...... I just currently have at least one too many great little cameras.


DSCF4206 by Lukinosity, on Flickr


DSCF4208 by Lukinosity, on Flickr


DSCF4205 by Lukinosity, on Flickr

Here's a close-up crop to show you the worst of the scratching...there's also a small one near the top.


DSCF4205crop by Lukinosity, on Flickr
</br>Payment accepted</br>
  • Regular PayPal (fee included in price)
Shipping method</br> USPS Priority Mail
</br>Shipping charge</br> included in price (US orders only)
</br>Handling time</br> 1 day
</br>References</br> -
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Serious Compacts For Life
Seriously. Somebody buy this. I would, but I already own this camera and another might put the wife over the edge. Helluva deal with the grip and other extras. It's sort of stealing.
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