Sony RX100mV time-lapse energy autonomy problem, EVF (EVF mode only ) doesn’t power off.

Edward De bruyn

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Use the RX100mIII since quite a while for doing time-lapses. Works incredible well with the playmemories App. Quality is very good as is the possibility to do long time-lapse sequences.
What’s excellent is that even without any external battery the little guy can do several sequences without the necessity to change/charge the battery.
The reason is that when used with “electronic viewfinder only”, once the eye is removed from the viewfinder the power is turned off (from the EVF). When you go back to the EVF it turnes on again...

Purchased the RX100mV because of it’s high frame-rate possibility when doing movies. But was think a mistake for me. When doing the same long sequences I found out that my sequence was stopped because the battery was empty.

Problem : the EVF doesn’t turn off when you remove the eye.

Or is it a problem with my sample only ?
Maybe there is a possibility but didn’t find it until now.
If this isn’t the case the App should give the possibility to turn off the EVF during a time-lapse sequence, now the only possibility is to dim the EVF.

Thanks for any help

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