Sony rx100v camera RAW ??? what the hell is going on !!!!!


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iv started shooting in RAW format on my rx 100 v after many many many years using jpeg ,, but iv noticed that you can still access the creative style menu and change the style ????? , its not dulled out like most the settings when you have selected RAW? i thought raw was raw and you couldnt change any colour setting at all ?

I realise that I'm late in on this discussion, but the Raw files contain an embedded Jpeg, to which the creative style setting is applied. The Raw remains unaffected by the creative style setting. Many software editors read the setting, and apply it to the 'view' of the Raw file (as discussed in some of the posts above).

One editor/viewer that can easily be set up to avoid this, is Faststone Image Viewer (freeware). When viewing a Raw file, the initial view is of the embedded Jpeg (with creative style settings), but if the "A" key is pressed, the Raw file is displayed - without creative style settings (and it usually looks fairly bland and uninteresting!:)).


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hi guys
iv just done abit more research and found out that sony raw images are almost good enough to use straight off the mark without any editing (almost) ,, this explains why the raw images looked like they where already processed , iv put a link to the video below , its not all about sony cameras but around 2 mins in he talks about the sony raw images

Only had my Sony RX10 for about a month, but would agree with your observations wholeheartedly. My other cameras are Oly OMD10 and Panasonic G5.
As I only shoot in raw, the less I have to manipulate an image to get it how I want, the better. As this camera is now 4 years old with two newer variants and a third on its way, I find this remarkable.


hi howard
its amazing how things change in time with technology , im so far very pleased with the sony rx 100 v but its a big learning curve coming from canon 5d mark2 ,,, time and technology waits for no man ,,,,,lol

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