Micro 4/3 Ryan Brenizer, wedding photographer, review of E-M5


Sep 26, 2011
Minnesota USA
Kyle Krug


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Nov 12, 2010
Nice review, I'm seriously considering getting this camera before the big trip i'm planning to do after my graduation. My main problem is that, even with a versatile, wide(ish) pancake like the panasonic 14/2.8 or 20/1.7, it's just a little too big for even walking pants' pockets, and I'm planning to backpack into the areas where having a camera hanging round your neck all the time just isn't safe. A weather-sealed Fuji X100 replacement or Sony RX100 (or LX7) competitor would get my money instantly.


Dec 2, 2012
United States
Actually now the days photography trend is become more popular and every body like to hire the photohraphers in their wedding for make pictures and this type of high level wedding is mostly handeled the most professional photographers who make the photos in widl and natural type of photos and views and expert in making the photos so nice done...


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Dec 2, 2012
Perhaps you could explain to the official photographer at the next event that you are an experienced wedding photographer, but are present just as a guest, that you appreciate the planning that has gone into his assignment and would like his permission to take photographs (maybe using some flash), but will be careful not to interfere with him (and/or assistants). He might even offer to allow you to shoot after him on some of the posed shots.

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