Canon S100 goes to school


Apr 21, 2012
Eindhoven, The Netherlands
I took a walk around the buildings of the local University today. The University focusses on technical studies, with special emphasis on solar power and other sustainable energy sources. I decided to take my S100 as to not be burdened with a bigger camera and the need (or desire) to change lenses. Sometimes having no options makes you a little more creative I feel... Anyway, being a Technical University there is a lot of grey concrete, steel and glass, best suited for B&W conversions I think. Below a few impressions of a nice walk around some interesting buidlings... hope you like one or two.



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Nov 12, 2010
I knew these were your shots as soon as I saw them, without looking at who posted them. You really have a recognisable style going on. Nice!
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