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Sorry to resurrect this thread, but curious if anyone out there uses this camera? I've had a chance to handle this camera at a recent trip to BestBuy and ... my, it is addicting. :biggrin:

It was so fun to use because of the large LCD screen -- I don't think there is a camera out there with a larger screen, except the iPad :biggrin: I can understand the lure of being able to use it as a primary Facebook (or any other social media) camera. Can't comment about the IQ though as I did not buy it. But the camera can certainly provide a rest from "serious" photography. (And what I mean by that is when I hold my Pen or Fuji, I have this sort of mental baggage thinking "avoid a snap shot, take an image. avoid a snapshot, take an image."


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I dunno. Perhaps it's a generational thing (although I am a long-time early adaptor) but I just don't feel I need most of what this camera has to offer. Honestly, I could see myself with a Nokia Lumia 1020 before this. The Nokia and a Fuji X100s. Talk about bookends.


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Have a samsung galaxy 4 w 13mp camera. obviously not as big of a lens but it takes pretty good images. I did look these over, couldn't see the point when I already had the phone though if a phone was in it too how great would that be!

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