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Dec 27, 2010
Kiev, Ukraine
Pavel has published their review of Galaxy NX that features a quick demo of the camera interface. I think it's kind of poorly thought-out, and what's up with that black bar on top encroaching on the composition?

Nov 11, 2011
Milwaukee, WI USA
touch screen for focus point and/or shutter release I understand. This rest of this....... well, it may please the angry birds crowd, but I don;t think there are too many photographers clamoring for this kind of user interface.

Tilman Paulin

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Nov 15, 2011
Vancouver B.C.
touch screen for focus point and/or shutter release I understand.
But only if you don't use the viewfinder. Once you use the EVF, how do you set the focus point? Or operate the camera at all?
Kind of makes the EVF completely pointless, no?

(apologies if this is explained in the video... can't view videos with my current linux setup)
Oct 17, 2013
In Galaxy NX the interface at first is annoying, but with some time you become familiarice with it.
Some system functions is mixed with the Android OS, by example make a formatting of the microsd card you going to the android side.
The shooting modes have some differents names and options.
A advantage is have a internal memory, and when memory card is full make an automatic switch to store the photos in the internal memory.
It's a new world..., of discovery.

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