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Matt Everglade

Mar 5, 2014
Had the opportunity to test the Samsung NX1 (Review) and the Samsung 16-50mm f2-2.8 S lens (Review) for a month. I'll give you some sample images with some comments about it.

Handling big lenses like the Canon nFD 300mm f/4 L lens is quite good due to the big body and handgrip:

Deer I
by Matt Everglade, on Flickr

High ISO capabilities have improved a little bit compared to the NX30. ISO 6400 is usable.

by Matt Everglade, on Flickr

The Samsung 16-50mm is quite large and heavy, but very convenient as you don't have to change the lenses very often. Good OIS and large aperture allows to shoot in dim light. Corner sharpness could be better for landscape photography though. Bokeh is wonderful:

Bokehlicious (Samsung 16-50mm F2-2.8 S)
by Matt Everglade, on Flickr

Dynamic Range has improved a lot and is much better compared to the already quite good NX30. It is nearly as good as the Sony A7.

Sunset after the rain
by Matt Everglade, on Flickr


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