Samsung Samsung NX210 and NX20 Field Test

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You beat me to it, TCS. I also was going to recommend this video. It does justice to these under rated cameras, IMHO. I am enjoying the NX210 as a carry everywhere option. The video, by the way, has some good material on the NX210 Wi-Fi, but it fails to mention that only a few phones can actually be used as a remote trigger. Too bad it does not work with iPhone. For those who did not see it, I have a blog entry listing the strengths of this camera on my web site listed in my signature.


The NX210 and NX20 actually support the iPhone, in fact we used an iPhone 4 for the video. iOS, and Android phones are supported. Thanks for checking out the video!


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I came very close to being an NX200 owner last night; Barely used body + 20-50mm lens for $330, and a 30/2 pancake for only $125 in a separate listing. In the middle of my humming and hahing over 50Mb raw files and what use I had for yet another camera, someone else decided it was a great deal and beat me to it. It seems that resale value may be consideration with the Samsungs.