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Aug 7, 2011
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This was posted at the Mirrorless Rumors site today...


It sounds like it might be a nice camera. But the rumor about a version with an EVF has me thinking. As nice as Fuji's line of X cameras is and as nice as their traditional analogue controls are, it sounds like one of their big advantages - namely a built-in viewfinder - will be matched by much of the competition soon. Which means they may have to step it up in other areas to stay ahead in their niche. Autofocus performance would be one. Of course, Fuji still has that lovely line of lenses but many of the Samsung's are pretty nice as well. Thoughts?


Aug 13, 2011
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I think that the OVF in the X-Pro is a true differentiator, but an EVF is widespread technology. I certainly wouldn't shift systems for an EVF per se.

It's a good question though - what are Fuji's core differentiators? That hybrid viewfinder for one, but then I would cite their photographic heritage - distilled into not just current models but in their service ethos. They have a customer-centric approach that results in products that people want, with exceptional firmware upgrade support.

Then there is the sensor - truly film-like in its outputs (and again drawing upon Fuji's film DNA with "Velvia" and "Provia" presets).

The biggest differentiator for me, though, is actually the glass. A maturing lineup of high quality lenses keenly priced. I come to Fuji from two decades of Leica use, and before that Contax/Zeiss. I do not feel that I have "stepped down" in any way by moving to Fuji - quite the contrary by a number of measures.

Finally, I cannot help but think that Fuji play a "long game" - for the likes of Samsung and Sony and even, to an extent, Ricoh and Olympus, photographic equipment feels like an adjunct - just another product line that can be closed down when it becomes unprofitable, like video recorders, fax machines or rice cookers. Fuji feels more like Nikon, Canon or Leica - photography is in their blood.

It all adds up - for me at least...


Dec 28, 2011
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I’ll probably throw my hat in the ring as well

The biggest factors for me are the ovf, controls and glass. Coming from the old GS90 (Texas Leicas), Minolta SRT’s, Canonets, Nikon F, then finally settling with the Minolta CLEs, I’ve learned that I really prefer to shoot with a window where I can see what is entering my shot and controls that’s simple and makes sense, during those days no one really cared about factors concerning a sensor like noise as everything was in film. Form, controls, and glass were the biggest concern.

After being in photographic crysosleep for a decade, cameras nowadays feels like high tech computerised toys (sorry for sounding like K.R. here), they do what they are supposed to do but they feel like disposable computers that will get upgraded in a year or two and obsolete in 3.

Personally, I would just like to use and shoot a camera that well….feels and shoots like a camera. I am guessing this is why I have decided to migrate to Fuji. The feeling of permanence, the satisfying feeling you get when you have manually set the settings and press the shutter, or having a scratched and heavily brassed camera in your hand and people don’t think “oh, old camera” instead they “wow, this guy has been places”.

But I digress, Fuji’s success is no secret in the industry, they’ve decided to try something new while also utilising their camera and lens making heritage and they also made sure that people who bought their products are fully supported via firmware updates. It really is only a matter of time before another manufacturer will want a piece of that pie.

Other manufacturers will be releasing another “retro-styled” camera in the market, but to do it, sustain it, and as to where to derive it as with what Fuji did really remains to be seen.

Just my personal thoughts.


Jun 17, 2014
I dunno Sony seems pretty dedicated to photography, specially since they do make a lot of sensors for a lot of manufactures. Plus, they have full frame E cameras, which look to be pretty solid. I just didn't bond with Sony well, hence why I am here looking at Fuji and I think Fuji has this classic charm to it, that Sony can't offer. If they can give us an even faster AF in their next cameras, then have a very competitive line up, specially with some nice lenses out there now.

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