Samsung Samsung WB 700 reviews

This camera is about to appear in stock in UK and I'm definitely interested. Already own NX10 system which is a great camera and really good value so I have no doubts that Samsung can produce a good quality camera.
However, can find only previews based on Samsung's own advertising and nothing else!
Has no-one had a hands-on first look at this camera....?
Any links or pointers to reviews would be very welcome..
I haven't had a good travel zoom since I got fed up with the rather fiddly buttons on the Ricoh CX3.
Any other suggestions. Fuji F550 EXR looks interesting but 16MP...!!!???


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Hello barnvelder and welcome to Serious Compacts.

I'm not aware of any reviews of the camera out there, just previews. The previous version, the WB650 did pretty well in the side by side test with all the main competitors at DPReview. It will probably take a while before reviews start appearing. I haven't come across any discussion on forums by anyone who actually has the camera so you may have to wait for some hands on impressions to appear.

In the meantime can I suggest that you stop off at the Welcomes and Introductions sub-forum and say hello.
Hi olli
Thanks for pointing me at the review of the WB650 - it did indeed get a good rating from from dpreview.
Based on that WB700 sounds a serious bet. Amazon currently saying out of stock but just under £200 for such a feature rich camera sounds very tempting if it's output is as good as ( or better..) WB650.