Samsung Samsung's Big Ambitions


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Amateur Photographer, a UK based photographic magazine, carried a number of reports based on an interview with the VP of Samsung's camera division.

Samsung believe that it is only a matter of time before ILC sales overtake traditional SLR sales and that their NX system will be a major player in that market. Taken together with Samsung's strong position in the compact camera market they aim to be the best selling camera brand.

Once upon a time Samsung also aspired to be the number three DSLR brand with their GX cameras before they abandoned that market so only time will tell. But the success of the EX1/WB500 suggests that they do have what it takes to produce cameras the equal of anything else on the market.

It's good news for serious compact users - new products from Samsung and a strong challenge to Sony, Olympus and Panasonic can only be good for the consumer.
I really think Samsung is in a great position to be a leader in compact cameras and take advantage of misteps from Canon and Nikon. Just a few short years ago at least here in North America, Samsung was not a major player in Consumer Electronics, then they started to make very good LCD monitors for computers and LCD TVs which became very popular, then created very nice LED TV's and computer monitors. Now they are a very popular Smart Phone Maker with Android phones taking market share away from the iPhone and are placed to really give Apple a run for it's money in the Tablet market also

All of this great branding will give them an edge (as well as Panasonic and Sony) in the compact camera space. I know I LOVE my Samsung TL500/EX1, while Canon and Nikon play on the edges of the compact market while sticking with the DSLR market locked into systems that were designed decades ago to shoot 35mm film.

Besides all of the above Samsung owns the AMOLED manufacturing space and a lot of AMOLED patents. AMOLED is the future of screens for handheld electronics which puts them in a great place
Samsung is indeed a booming company in a booming country:
- Nikon and Canon are having serious trouble in a troubled country

Personally I foresee Samsung to for example buy Pentax to fight the Japanese camera industry
- It will take time, but Samsung has the money to "buy" time...