Fuji Samyang announces 85mm 1.8


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I wonder why they bother to make a new lens for APS-C......isn't the center of the lens performance usually the best part? I thought that was one of the advantages of adapting FF lens to APS-C sensors is any softness in the corners is mitigated.

Still....more lenses is always better. I wish Sigma would make lenses for the X mount, but it's my understanding that will never happen.
I think that the main reason is for the reduction in size and weight. An 85mm 1.8 designed for APSC will be smaller and lighter than the full frame mount. Although, in this case, the adapted 85mm 1.4 wasn't that bad. Smaller than the 55-200.

There is a rumor going around that Sigma is considering making lenses for the X mount. But you know how that goes.


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Another reason for them to make APSC lenses is that, given their manual-only focusing, they're wildly cheap for a fast (f2 often) native-mount lens. Some people don't want to wade into the 30-yr-old used 35mm lens markets. So if you're hankering for an f2 / f1.7ish lens of a certain focal length, you've got Fuji's offering for ~$1,000, or Samyang/Rokinon's for ~$319. They've been successful, I think, because of that price gap, given that the lenses tend to be super sharp.

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