Micro 4/3 Samyang Fisheye arrived today.


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I've owned the 7.5mm f/3.5 from Samyang before so was keen to add a copy as I re-enter :mu43:. My as new s/hand lens arrived a few hours ago. I found Paintshop Pro to do the best job of de-fishing, much better than Fisheye-Hemi. A few samples including a 3 shot pano not defished.
PSPro defish
P1240091 -1 copyRS - Copy (2).jpg

Fisheye Hemi
P1240091DeFRs - Copy (2).jpg

Pano, not defished.
P1240099 Pano.jpg


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Always liked that lens, the best uwa on m43 no doubt, better than anything adapted. Perversely, really really good for pre/ snap focus street shots and nice sunburst stars too, a bit like voigtlander lenses. The Nikon 10.5mm profile in LR is great for de-fishing too.
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