Sony Santa visited me too!!


Nov 5, 2010
W. Australia
Good pictures. Amazed and envious to see you got some rain today. We didn't in the hills; although it was much cooler up here. Lovely soft light, muted colours which I wouldn't call miserable.

Lawrence A.

Hall of Famer
Nov 8, 2012
New Mexico
Nice shots. I'm impressed with the pictures I've seen from this camera, though I just ordered the less capably equipped Nikon V1, which at $299 is a more reasonable purchase for me. The sensor on the Sony is said to be much, much better, though, and I love that it is pocketable. Later maybe, when it won't send me over my own personal "fiscal cliff." :eek:

Oh! The rose shots are very welcome up here where it's winter, and the muted colors under the overcast sky are very pleasing.
Cheers, Bill.
I decided to stay with Panasonic, and bought a LX-7. It performed great in Europe. I hope your RX-100 performs well too. The LX-7 gives great jpegs OOC, too. It was disappointing to see the price drop so suddenly after I purchased, but that's just the "market economy" operating.

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