Micro 4/3 Saturday with the E-P3 - Images & thoughts


Had a weekend church camp - always an ideal photo op with people who are quite used to me hanging around taking pictures. However the day started at sunrise (as they do) down at the beach then back to camp proper. A good work-out for the Oly E-P3. The fast AF made that aspect worry free. The compact size and "amateur" look of the PEN did appear to make people even more relaxed than usual. Very bright sunshine did make the rear LCD viewing very difficult at times and I suppose that means an VF2/3 will go onto the GAS shopping list. But the worst aspect was the short battery life. I had two batteries and both had to be recharged during one day's shooting for approx 600-700 shots. With a DSLR that's one battery.
It could be down to my style - single shot AF and lots of pumping the shutter on half-press to keep updating the AF while waiting for the decisive moment. So maybe get another battery or two.
Very happy with E-P3 size and light weight. Borrowed a friend's Nikon D3000 with 18-55 lens - the OVF was a pleasure, but the camera felt so huge and made *me* self-conscious about pointing it at subjects (let alone what they thought!).

Some pics




Anyone for tennis?


And a couple of B&W where the compact form of the PEN enabled me to discretely record some of this conversation. A bit of cropping, shot at ISO 1600. The IBIS worked well and I shot very few times with flash.


Of course I would like to know what lens that you used and of course they are great photos however the one that really hit the top spot....why? the reflection of sun on the mans' tooth....all the other were, of course, just great!


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Good for you, wolfie - I, too, find the beach shots beauties, though the budding young tennis player is awfully endearing. Lookin' good - but I'm sorry about the battery life.


Battery life

Lookin' good - but I'm sorry about the battery life.

The shorter battery life is a given when it has to drive a fairly big LCD all the time. :cool:

Robin Wong commented on it when he tested the E-P3, and its seems the Panny G-3 has similar performance judging from another thread.

At least the batteries aren't too expensive, I can get generics for under $30 NZ.

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