Say Happy Birthday to Streetshooter


Administrator Emeritus
Jul 12, 2010
Philly, Pa
Too bad Amin had to go and put that flying pig in there, eh?

Don, when are you going out for your b'day dinner on the town?!
In about 10 minutes.... I gotta sneak the camera so Tanya doesn't think it's photo outing....
Hey, I'll use the LX5 cause it fits in me pocket....
Thanks everyone.....Don
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Jul 14, 2010
Happy birthday Don :)
I made a cake for you but the candles would not fit (Actually it was my birthday 25th sept) :wink:
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Karen Cole

Sep 2, 2010
Los Angeles, CA
Happy Birthday! Don. I might suggest that you may want to give these up from this point on. I did a few years ago and it makes a big difference..cause you begin to forget how old you actually are..ask BBW..she'll vouch for that fact at least concerning my age and lack of knowledge of. Not counting has real benefits! Happy Birthday..celebrate it well!
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