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Hobbies come and go and I fully understand your reasons. You will be missed by many here. Be well, enjoy time with family and friends and best of luck in whatever other hobbies you decide to immerse yourself in.


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Hi Steve, we'll miss you here. I hope to see you again a few months down the line when you feel more like making and seeing photos again. One thing I like about photography as a hobby is that you can let it alone as long as you like, and it's there waiting for you to pick back up anytime.


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Hi Steve,

Best of luck, and I hope your eyesight allows you to continue with your other hobbies. I always appreciated your comments and thanks about some of my more rural subject type posts. I've not been on a lot since the name change and my move to suburbia has caused my creativity to dry up somewhat. Funnily enough I'm moving back to a more rural location next week, hoping that my creativity will return and that you will find satisfaction with your other interests.



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Steve, thank you for not just fading away. That said, I do hope if and when the spirit moves you that you'll stop by and say hello. I am very sorry to read that your eyesight is failing. I wish you all the best with your life and your family, Steve. You will be missed.

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