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I'd like to suggest that instead of having images in individual forums by camera brand there is just one SC image forum site .I just feel that putting the images into "silos" detracts from the likely appreciation of all the images by all the members .At the end of the day photography is about photographs and really the brand/model of the camera should be secondary or even irrelevant.
Having a single image site would make it much easier to appreciate all the images .
Anyone agree?


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I'm not sure I understand ... a single thread in which we post all images and comment upon others?
That would be gigantically unmanageable.
Flickriver or similar sites and applications do the "uninterrupted view" thing rather well, and this is after all a forum, with the the interaction and dialogue implied.
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We already have an image posting section. Perhaps this could be expanded? The main forum (Image Threads) is locked. Perhaps this could be opened up so we can see a list of sections more easily and post within those sections?


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I guess it is quite hard to decide exactly where to post a picture here sometimes but I think that adds to the flavour! You never know what you're going to find until you dip in :smile:


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Shinglj, thanks for the suggestion.

At the moment it is possible to post images either in camera specific forums and subforums or in one of the Image Threads sub forums which are structured thematically.

Posting to camera specific threads is useful in that it gives people the option of seeing what kind of images specific cameras produce, something that is particularly helpful when considering buying one of these models. It is also helpful for ILC compacts because it creates a space for lens specific threads. It is true though that it does sometimes mean that some images get passed over.

The Image Threads section allows for thematic rather than camera specific posting. At the moment there are a eight sub-categories to cover different kinds of images. If people feel that this range of sub categories could be expanded then by all means post your thoughts on that. Cross posting is allowed and an image that is posted in a camera specific category can also be posted in the Image Threads category.

The Forum structure obviously evolves over time and is always a work in progress. Thoughts and suggestions on how to evolve it further are always welcome.


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Rather than going hunting in various threads I just use the most recent threads down the right. That way I see the most recent stuff from all areas. Even if I'm away for a week I still catch up that way on my return - if something is really good it tends to lurk about for a bit or get resurrected anyway. Now and then I'll go looking for something specific and the way it's organised makes it much easier to do that.