Scarlet or Epic?

Scarlet 2/3" Fixed lens?

I had my eye on the S35 originally but that was before they moved it up into the Epic line and out of my budget. So I'm looking at the Interchangeable if they offer a package deal including monitor and mini-primes. If the Fixed's package deal remains 'to die for' then I might consider it. If not, I might wait for the second generation DSLRs to be released, maybe a 5DMk'III' or a 7DMkII as an option, in the hope that they've fixed at least some of the moire/aliasing issues or improved compression. If all else fails, I still have my 7D I suppose.

Do you have plans for the Epic or Scarlet?
I have an LX5 anything bigger would get in the way at work, I also have an S95 but it got damaged and I prefer the LX5 anyway.

Stills lens can be great but they can be a real pain to pull focus with so not so good for traditional moviemaking with actors that move around.

Lens I normally work with are Zeiss Master/Ultra Primes. Cooke S4/S5, Optimo zoom, Hawk anamorphic, Panavision anamorphic. The new Leica primes are interesting.