Scott Kelby's worldwide photowalk East Melbourne


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Phoenix Gonzales
I joined the Scott Kelby worlwide photowalk, there were 3 walks held in Melbourne and I have joined the one that was held in East Mebourne. An interesting post script: There was 2 protests held on East Melbourne on that day a Pro-Choice rally scheduled earlier that day and a Pro-life rally scheduled later on that day, and they "conveniently" met on mid-day, suffice to say, there was a lot of noise, there was a lot of name calling, and there were a lot of cops. Here are some of the shots I took







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Luke exciting to be around for those 2 fronts meeting. What a great photo opportunity.

And to everyone, it's probably not necessary, but I'll say it anyways. Feel free to discuss the photos, but please do not discuss the religion or the politics.


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Good to see you got out. It did nothing but rain yesterday, I had no inclination to photograph for hours in the rain. I guess that is what sets me apart from the professionals, I actually dislike adverse conditions enough that I will say 'another day' while they will keep slogging on.

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