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Okay, I may be nuts, but this isn't a symptom: How's come there isn't a scroll bar or "thumb" at the right side of (apparently) most pages? For instance, there was one on the section page with all the "announcements..." threads in a list, but if I go to any individual thread there is not. The only way to scroll down the page is with the thumbwheel on my mouse. Is this a feature, a bug, a (Safari) browser issue, a setting? Help appreciated.

Okay...Maybe not nuts, just stoopid. On a hunch, I changed the display theme to "light," and voilá, the scroll bar became visible.

Nothing to see here. Carry on.
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You're not dumb.

I'm using really dark mode and there are no scrollbars. The page dimensions seem to expand very slightly towards the border when switching from light to dark on my Mac.

Could someone else try this please?

EDIT: It's the 'really blue' and 'really dark' schemes that are affected. Probably in the CSS properties.
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I think that's something for @Kevin to look into. Could those who experience this please state which browser and OS they use (I've seen Safari and OS X so far, so ...)?



Safari version 15.1, MacOS 11.6.1

I have a Macbook and an iMac. It's the same on both. Looking in developer mode in Safari, it seems to affect all platform designs from iphone to 1920x1080.
Could those who experience this please state which browser and OS they use (I've seen Safari and OS X so far, so ...)?
Really dark has a visible scrollbar in Chrome 96.0.4664.110 (Win 10 21H1).
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The scroll bar - which is hidden on my iMac (High Sierra + Firefox) when the webpage is just on display without me doing anything - shows immediately when I move the scroll wheel of my mouse ... no matter which mode I use.
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All... try doing a hard page refresh (so that cache is refreshed). The styles "Really Dark" and "Really Blue" were using custom CSS to make the scrollbar colors match the theme and to make them a bit more sleek. I had noticed previously that Really Dark was missing the top & bottom arrows so on a previous edit I updated the CSS to show them but kept the theme colors.

I say were above because I updated both to comment out the custom CSS for the scrollbars which means they should now be displaying your browsers standard scrollbar. On my Win10 machine instead of seeing a shades-of-grey scrollbar in Really Dark and a blue scrollbar in Really Blue, both are now displaying Chrome's stock scrollbar. :)

In regards to the scrollbar appearing/not-appearing, that's the browser behavior. For example, in Chrome on my Android device the scrollbar only appears when moving up & down the page. For that one you need to yell at the browser vendors, I'm not a fan of that behavior either.