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I have been quite happy up until now downloading images directly from my camera to my computer without the use of a card reader but the M9 produces such big b***dy files that it takes forever these days. I've never had a card reader before so I need some help please.

These are my parameters:
I will be using Sandisk and Panasonic SDHC cards
I only have USB ports that I can plug the reader into
I am running an iMac that is about 3 years old

Am I going to get a benefit at all if I am using a card reader via a USB port?
I have read that the new USB 3.0 compatible card readers are super fast, will these be of any benefit to me in my older USB system?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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To take advantage of the speed of USB3 you need a computer with USB3 ports. You can plug a USB3 device in a USB2 port like yours, but you won't benefit from the speed advantage.

IMHO using a card reader in USB2 mode shouldn't give you a significant performance boost compared to transfering via your usual USB2 cable.

The only cheap way I see that could improve the transfer speed (if you haven't done so already) would be to buy the fastest SD cards available at the moment, like sandisk 95mb/s.


i use a card reader, but have it one the table with the expensive cameras, several cables, some fluff, a stapler, a few lenses and other detritus. it adds a bit of spice to life (moving stuff about and then having to catch a camera as it gets knocked off towards the hard hard floor)


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I always use card readers, either sandisk or lexar, right now mine are USB 3, but they are only running at USB 2 speed due to the lack of a usb 3 card in my computer. There is a difference in USB 2 reader speeds though and these two are among the fastest.
I never download from the camera, besides the possibility of damage due to a cluttered desk, it just drains the battery.
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