SD to CF card adapters.


As I have acquired two 4/3 Olympus bodies, (a 400 and a 410) which uses CF cards and the obsolete Oly cards. One of the bodies came with a 2 GB CF and one with a 512 MB Oly card, so I need something to use for both. I have been ogling CF cards and stumbled over the SD to CF card adapter doodaahs.

If they work somewhat properly, it would keep me at two card types (SD and Micro SD) and would save me the hassle of getting an external card reader as well, as my PC has a built in reader for SD cards.

Any one using these sort of adapters and can spill the beans on them?


If you get one make sure it's from a name brand. I bought one from 'ch.....' and it's non functional. Mind you it was inexpensive. I shoot D70, Nikon for infrared and they use cf. My work around is to get about 4-8gb, 8 might be worth it in terms of gb per $. And I just use a usb 2 cable attached to the computer and the camera, fire up the camera and it shows up as an external drive. Archaic but it works. The real reason I keep the cf in there is, the pins on the reader aka male/female are very fragile. If you bend one of those the internal reader might be shot, best case scenario you take the camera apart reset the pin and it might work.

This is my 2.5 pennies on the topic

ps, I broke a reader and it's not worth the repair cost on those oldies, just get a new one. Aka another one, disposable !!!