Sealife DC2000 waterproof 1" sensor compact


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Jul 11, 2010
Melbourne, Australia
Has anyone seen this before? It's roughly a fixed focal length Sony RX100 with a 31mm f1.8 lens in a waterproof and ruggedized body. It also comes with an underwater housing.

Underwater Cameras and Accessories | Sealife Cameras

For someone who wants a tough pocket sized 1" sensor camera, and who only needs 31/1.8, this seems like a decent idea. It can create raw files in DNG, which is great for compatibility across processing programs. It shoots 1080 60p video, which seems decent enough, although I haven't seen any video samples. There is also a wide angle adapter which takes it out to 16mm, although it may need to be attached to the underwater housing. Looks rather interesting.

Just found a review. Image quality looks pretty decent, although it takes about 3 seconds to start and shoot, and it takes 6 seconds to write a shot in raw format! That's pretty bad, although I wonder if you can take shots sequentially without having to wait for the buffer to clear. But it seems decent overall.
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Dec 29, 2013
SeaLife DC2000 <- this, probably.

I did look into this because of its unique feature set; but for my purposes (I'd use it along the same lines as the GR), I didn't find it particularily appealing. For a rain forest tour or sailing, I'd still consider this. But its speed is too sedate for me at the price asked ...


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