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Greetings, all.

I need to put forward three pictures for an exhibition entitled 'Loisirs de bord de mer' (seaside leisure activities). I've got 5 candidates and I think I'm too close to them to judge properly.

I'd welcome opinions on which to include and any constructive criticism, particularly in creative terms rather than detailed comments on PP. All the final exhibits will be processed and printed by the same guy to ensure 'visual coherence'.

B&W is a given requirement, so telling me to go for a colour version won't count. ;)

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Dreaming, Sailing, and Parapente are the three strongest for me in that order. I would like for the boats to be clearer in the Sailing shot but the soft feel at least matches the backdrop's shade and tonality. The Dreaming shot lets you read into it and imagine more, and the Sailing image evokes a mood. The Parapente one isn't as strong for me but it's an interesting composition and subject.

The Jetski shot feels too active and aggressive for "leisure" to me, and the photography one doesn't really grab me with the subject/action.

That's my quick thoughts, hope some of that helps. Good luck!


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Dreaming - #1.....Your eye is led from the child, down to another person and onwards towards the boats. Like your eye is on rails, on a journey.
Sailing - previously said, although the main subjects are soft, the impressive graduated tones in the background seem to forgive them and take on more significance, without overpowering.

Not keen on the jetski either. I can imagine that the French (lovers of fine wine, fine lovers, lovers of food) would find their sensibilities jolted by the racket)
Can't decide between the photography shot and the parascending for #3, but pushed it has to be the parascending by default.

Best of luck.

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