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Jul 17, 2010
Perth, Western Australia
Bill Shinnick
This is a security bulletin from the MCT-SafeComputing-List.
A copy of the text of this email for verification - which may include
further updates is at:
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Bulletin ID (also shown on web version): DCLR-8KHT3A

Google has recently patched 30 vulnerabilities in its popular 'Chrome' web
browser and has paid its highest bounty total ever for the bugs that people
filed with its security team. Chrome is now the second most popular web
browser in use in the UK.

The company issued an update to Chrome 13 on 2 August, adding Instant Pages
to the "stable" channel of the browser. The feature proactively pre-loads
some search results to speed up web browsing.

Fourteen of the 30 vulnerabilities patched today were rated "high," the
second-most-serious ranking in Google's four-step scoring system, while
nine were pegged "medium" and the remaining seven were labelled "low." None
of the flaws were ranked "critical".

The current version of Chrome on your computer should be 13.0.782.107 (use
the 'Spanner' icon and then locate [About Google Chrome].
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