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Jul 17, 2010
Perth, Western Australia
Bill Shinnick
This is a security bulletin from the MCT-SafeComputing-List.
A copy of the text of this email for verification - which may include
further updates is at:
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Bulletin ID (also shown on web version): DCLR-8G2GH9

Apple has just released OS X Security Update 2011-002 which update Safari
5.0.5 and iOS 4.3.2; the update ensures that security certificates
fraudulently signed by the certificate issuer Comodo over 3 weeks ago
cannot be used when you have an encrypted SSL session running on the

SSL is intended to give the user confidence that personal data exchanged
with a website (for example typing in a Username and password) is not being
seen and recorded by a malicious third party.

The update can be obtained for iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) and for Mac
OSX as well as Windows by using the inbuilt system updating tools. In the
case of iOS this will mean connecting the device to your computer and
running iTunes to update it directly using the USB wire - it won't work
over a wireless or GPS connection.

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