Seeking advice on a compact for concerts


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for personal use. I just want something to take so my husband and I can take pictures at shows. I have between $350-500 to spend, and have looked at everything without getting a conclusive opinion on one specific camera. I would like more zoom, but realize I may be losing image quality in this case. So mostly, I'm looking for something that will perform well in lower light situations. My biggest problem is that there are so many cameras to choose from and no one ever suggests the same camera twice. I appreciate any help you can give!!!!


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We've read reviews and looked at photo comparisons(and been to 8 stores) till we thought our heads would explode LOL maybe we're over thinking this. I REALLY appreciate both of your responses, and so quickly! I've posted on dpreview and as well and haven't gotten actual specific suggestions so fast, or without 40 links to other threads when someone could've spent less time just typing the actual suggestion in response. It took me probably a month to decide on my D90, so I feel a little crazy spending so much time on a compact-but when I'm considering spending this much on one, I just want to make sure I get one that is good for the money.


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If you want to get the best compact for the money, Samsung EX1/TL500 is the way to go. Right now it's about $300 and it still has the best image quality of all cameras in its class.


I would recommend Canon PowerShot SX130 IS (costs about $240), it'll help you zoom closer to the performers and also shoot HD video with a very sharp and quiet, image stabilized lens that also zooms (optically) in video mode. Here's the trick: set the resolution to 'M1' (6 megapixel), shoot in 'P' mode using custom colour menu in which set colour, sharpness and contrast (all three) to -1, select ISO manually and use exposure compensation well. The results (at upto ISO 400) may amaze you! I would recommend that you carry two extra pairs of Sanyo Eneloop AA batteries. I have the SX130 IS and am therefore recommending it.

Also, from initial reviews, Canon SX230 HS (costs about $350) looks pretty good too, it has similar features but is more compact and takes lithium batteries.

Hope this helps!