Stroll Seen while strolling...walking and wandering outside


betwixt and between
Thanks, Mark. Yes, it was from composing, I'm afraid. Just clicked the shutter.

By the way, this is an open thread for anyone who'd like to add their own photographs.
Really love this photo, the contrast between the stillness and the fast movement as well as the texture and the colour rendition (specially the clouds and sky) is really nice.
Much appreciated you all. I will say that I am very glad that Wouter was able to put into words what I think many of us have felt for, perhaps, our whole photographic lives?

Please do add to the thread, if you'd like. Or of course, you can start your own threads, too. My stroll is open ended.

Hey, Christian - you've been "the strolling shooter" for a longtime, haven't you?:D
Bernd, I'm so glad you've added from your collection. Those could be from a mastodon, if you were from another time. I like the touch of iridescence or glow of the bicycle's bones very much, indeed.
These days while photographing as an old fart, I try to remember my mood while photographing forty years ago. Looking at my pics from this time is really magic for me. But what did I do in contrary to today?
I remember the visits of Amsterdam, sitting in small cafés with my photobuddy Michael, drinking coffee and smoking a cigarette at the end.
One of my 'celebrations' was the dismantling of my Nikon F. Putting the Photomic aside, releasing the ground glass and blowing into the mirror box was a real ceremony plus loading the film. While putting everything into it's place, a special feeling went through my body, it was the anticipation for the unknown activities, contacts and discussions outside.
Strolling so many miles per day and at the end of the day having nothing or just one, two frames wasn't wrong. So I'm happy that Wouter brought his ideas about this pain- and frustration-less way of taking pictures to the surface......