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Dec 29, 2013
In keeping with the SiJy idée fixe: a tractor - well, almost ...

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Had some fun with the FZ1000 (when out shooting for SiJy). However, none of the planned shots would materialise ... Above all, whenever I saw a real tractor today, I had to keep my hands either on the steering wheel or the handlebar ... it was quite vexing, but such is life ...



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Can somebody explain this one too me... Are both of those have natural coloration to them that wraps and them like a belt or is there actually something wrapped around them? 🤔
Kevin, that is a natural colouration on the cows. Whilst I don't know what breed those brown and white ones are there is a breed of black and white ones like that known as Belted Galloways. They are perhaps just a little smaller than those shown in the photograph and known for being able to graze on poorer pastures and moorland. perhaps those are cross breeds.


P.S. Belted Galloway - Wikipedia
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